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Manufacture of furniture: kitchens, wall units, upholstered furniture.
- Manufacture of furniture: kitchens, wall units, upholstered furniture, furniture systems. 
- The perfect design. 
- Ideal prices. 
- The lowest transport costs to each country in the world. 
- Minimum logistics - 2 EUR pallets. 
- Quick delivery.

EU - France, Spain, Germany, United Kindom ...
Russia - Kazakhstan - Central Asia - Africa

- We represent Polish producers on foreign markets.
- We build new, foreign markets.
- We search for the cheapest and the most profitable ways of transport (deliveries).
- We calculate prices with delivery to different countries - offer in DDU and DDP prices
- We search for new markets.
- We carry into contracts.
- Export payment insurance.
- We are taking up the deliveries logistics.


Katalogi Stron SEO

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